My passion and joy is helping to bring transformation to those who are seeking real change

About me

My passion and joy is helping to bring transformation to those who are seeking real change, be this on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. My main tool is Kinesiology to facilitate the release of stress/energy blocks from the body so it can operate how it needs to for optimum health and to release patterns of behaviour that no longer serve us. In my experience when we release stress from the body many physical, emotional or psychological symptoms of ill health naturally disappear and the long term benefits are life changing; giving us the freedom to live our lives how we would like to rather than how we think we should!


From a young age I always had a fascination with natural ways of healing and exploring other ways of living that supported nature. During my twenties it was my horse that took me down the healing road; starting with chiropractic methods which later led me to practice Kinesiology. I was astounded by what we could both achieve using a natural method approach. This was also the first time I realised how horses themselves have so much to teach us about our behaviour and our ‘inner selves’. They have a unique way of showing us when we are connecting with our true selves and when we’re not! We still have so much to learn from these amazing creatures if we are open and present enough to listen.

From this point onwards I really felt the need to work with horses more. It was when I was travelling in Australia I not only had the chance to work with horses on a daily basis which only fed my passion, but it was also there that I took up meditation and discovered many other complimentary therapies that I wanted to explore in more detail. When I returned back to the U.K. I continued with the meditation and took up yoga and Thai chi. It was during this time I met the then founder of the Interfaith Seminary. Events that followed led me to become business manager of the Interfaith Seminary (now the Interfaith Foundation) a wonderful organisation that is still going strong. It was there that I learnt a great deal about myself and my own spirituality as well as having the privilege to meet some truly wonderful people who were part of a strong emerging group, also searching and enquiring about the deeper meaning of life.

When the Interfaith Foundation moved to London my career took another turn, again in the health and wellness field; this time working within the academic arena of health & research. Here I learnt to value evidence based research but I also learnt another valid lesson, which is to have a life that truly supports from the ‘inside of you’ is a quality not ‘measured’ but recognised always. It seemed to me that there was no criteria by which we measure and evaluate the quality of our own ‘inner’ life.

This was later coupled with my experience of real NHS feedback; giving me a huge insight into the overall field of health and what it was that really mattered to people, not just physically, but also spiritually and emotionally.

My knowledge has expanded over the last 12 years gaining qualifications in counselling, nutrition, naturopathic techniques, Dorn Therapy (Back & joint pain) teacher training of mindfulness & mediation, master practitioner of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Assemblage Point Alignment and working in Equine Facilitated Learning with the charity Horse Heard.

I am currently studying and using the practice of gongs and exploring the benefits (which are proving to be considerable) in the field of sound; combining the wonderful sacred sounds of the gongs and Kinesiology together.

The most valuable learning has of course come from all my clients over the years which I am so grateful for. It never ceases to amaze me of our capacity to heal and rediscover ourselves all over again! The power of our thoughts and belief systems and how they affect us physiologically still astounds me every time. Over the last 10 years it has been, and continues to be, an honour and privilege to help others in such a unique way.
As life is so fleetingly short I tend not to take myself too seriously, believe in having a sense of humour, and making the most of every day. Whatever your struggles, be it physical pain, emotional wellbeing, or simply seeking changes that seem out of reach, if you feel what I have to say resonates with you, then I look forward to connecting with you soon.

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