Health Kinesiology

Some of the many benefits include:

  • Renewed energy
  • Better sleep
  • Clarity
  • Relaxation
  • Peace of mind
  • Focus
  • Inner calm
  • Motivation
As well as an effective therapy that could address your physical ailments, Health Kinesiology could help develop life goals and choices and learn to overcome fears, phobias and worries.

What is Health Kinesiology?

Health Kinesiology is a holistic therapy working with the whole body – Our Mind, Body and Emotions. By listening to your body via muscle assessment I can identify and balance many stressors that may be making it difficult for the body to re-establish balance and begin to heal itself. Once I have found these stressors your body will guide me to what procedure is best for you. The procedure might be thinking a precise thought or placing the body in a specific position while acupuncture points are held in order to re-tune the energy and help maintain the body’s natural balance.

In a single session I may identify allergies or chemical imbalances, release psychological or emotional stress and may give you advice on changes in lifestyle.

Tending guests has always been the business of our family
Mixing tradition with fresh influences and a homey atmosphere
Your Health & Healing is all about Rebalancing Your Energy.

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